Road To Fame Partner, limited to a maximum of five niche industry companies. At NY Fame, our aim is also to help our emerging designers, performers and fashion community with the most challenging business and industry issues they face.

In today’s digital world, many of these solutions rely on technology, as well as other industry relevant creativity and ideation, collectively a process of innovation, and much of this innovation comes from startups and entrepreneurs.

This is why we are introducing this year for the first time a “Road to Fame” Innovation Platform to kickoff a collaborative approach to bring all of the relevant parties together over the next six months.

As part of the Innovation Platform, we are introducing a Road to Fame Startup Challenge to connect our members, leaders and influencers within the fashion & entertainment sector, with emerging designers and performers and high-growth startups within the fashion & Entertainment industry, to explore and introduce ideas and creativity to the world of fashion & music.

Accordingly, we will also incorporate a Hackathon as part of Road to Fame Innovation Platform during Fashion Week in February 2016. The topic and the participants are currently under development and will be announced soon. Interested parties are encouraged to apply.

Road to Fame Startup Challenge is created to provide a mentoring and growth platform for emerging designers and fashion startups in their own right, while offering them mentorship from both senior NY Fame members and NY Fame partners, including corporate supporters.

The objective is to collaboratively explore and validate different applications and processes for fashion and design. The platform is looking forward to providing a series of workshops, hackathons, and an emerging designer challenge. Road to Fame intends to include partners, both via partner brands/sponsors and the investment community, along with qualified members of our fashion community with extensive experience working with designers, startups, or who are entrepreneurs themselves.

We believe that by working with others who share our vision, our combined influence can be greater than if we act individually. We are drawing on our collective expertise over a six-month period to accelerate the growth and development of 10 promising designers or startups in the fashion industry.

The Road to Fame Startup Challenge does not provide any funding but will offer a cash Prize for the fashion startups and emerging designers via a selective process incorporating a panel made up of all of the relevant parties, including you. 

However, the Road to Fame Innovation Platform will invite members of the investment community within the fashion sector, along with incubators and accelerators in the fashion space.